Purpose & Mission:

To grow membership through the ongoing recruiting of active, affiliate and associate members.
Overall Objectives:

  • Recruit new members
  • Periodic communications to inform members of plans, objectives, upcoming events and other items of interest within the WGGA.
  • Disseminate periodic Vineyard IPM Scouting Reports and other information of importance to growers relating to pest pressure and weather.
  • Design and implement questionnaires and surveys to obtain feedback from members regarding the value of events, speakers and meetings; periodically assess members’ needs so that the WGGA can establish programs and activities of interest to the members.
  • Track and prepare periodic reports regarding membership status including new members added and members lost.

Deliverables (report to B.O.D.):

  • Prepare annual recruitment plan.
  • Report the results of periodic surveys and questionnaires.
  • Report of membership status at B.O.D. meetings.


Purpose & Mission:

Meet members’ needs through the development, planning and conducting of periodic educational events, membership meetings and the annual Grape Growers’ Conference.
Overall Objectives:

  • Develop long range educational plans ensuring that member’s needs are met.
  • Prepare current year educational plan: develop educational events (for example the Spring Vineyard School), obtain speakers, locate venues, plan meals and refreshments, and ensure that supplies and equipment are available to conduct the session.
  • Plan the annual membership meeting and assist in the planning of the Annual Growers’ Conference including the acquisition of speakers and scheduling of sessions.
  • Support the planning of the IPM sessions.

Deliverables (report to B.O.D.)

  • Report on long range and current year plans.
  • Implement current year educational sessions and member events.


Purpose & Mission:

Promotion of wines made from Wisconsin grown grapes.
Overall Objectives:

  • Develop promotions to increase public awareness of the Wisconsin grape industry.
  • Develop and implement the Grape Varietals Promotion program.
  • Conduct periodic surveys measuring consumer awareness of wines made from Wisconsin grown grapes.
  • Track sales of wines made from Wisconsin grown grapes.
  • Work with the Department of Agriculture and other relevant bodies to obtain grants funding promotional activities.

Deliverables (report to B.O.D.)

  • Promotional programs and materials.
  • Business plans to be included in grants requesting promotional funding.
  • Trends regarding consumer awareness and sales of wines made from Wisconsin Grown grapes.