We’re pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Grape Growers Association Inc. is now officially a non-profit 501(c)(5) agricultural organization! Our official purposes, as outlined in our Articles of Incorporation are:

  • To provide a formal structure for a statewide association of grape growers in Wisconsin
  • To develop and grow the Wisconsin grape industry and promote the production of a high quality product
  • To provide a forum or conduct programs that will improve the grape industry in Wisconsin, foster the exchange of ideas and disseminate current information pertaining to optimum agricultural practices for vineyards
  • To recommend and encourage research to solve viticulture problems
  • To coordinate with the University of Wisconsin system, UW-Extension, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and other agencies for the advancement of the grape and wine industries in Wisconsin.
  • To represent the interests of Wisconsin grape growers in legislative and political matters.

Our first official responsibility as a growers’ organization is to acquire our membership base so WGGA can prioritize the activities of the association based on members’ needs and wants. To that end, we invite you to invest in the WGGA and become one of our founding members!

Any vineyard, person, company or organization interested in Wisconsin’s grape industry is welcome to join the WGGA. Active (voting) members are those who are engaged in growing or establishing vines on at least ¼ acre of grapes. Affiliate (non-voting) members are those who are engaged in growing or establishing vines on less than ¼ acre of grapes and Associate (non-voting) members are individuals, firms, organizations or institutions not producing grapes but with an interest in the industry.